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Purchase A Merchant Account And Open Your Own eStore Now. merchant accounts are a great way to sell your products online. We take the risk out of online selling becuase your paid directly by instead of your customer. No charge backs or credit card charges to worry about. Just a low monthly fee and your in business online.

Create Your Account and Open Your Store Now!

Fast Safe And Easy Way To Sell Online.

All you need to sell online is a paypal account and some products to sell... It's that easy.

Want to see how it works... You can view a working store front By Clicking Here

Hi There! esselte Has Invited You To Open Your Own Store Front.

View Profileesselte is a member of and he thinks that you would benefit from opening a merchant account with and start selling your products to the community!

How Much Does It Cost?

If you create your account today your monthly fee for one year will be $5 CAD (Canadian Dollars).

If your not happy you can cancel at any time and your store will remain active for 30 days past your last payment date.

How Do Merchants Get Paid?

Everything on is traded in whzon gold coins which you redeem from the BitMonky Bank using paypal. 100 gold is $1.00 CAD.

Your money will be transfered to your paypal account normally in less then 24 hours.