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I am , m - 60 From Kitchener, Canada

Hi And Welcome To My Site

I`m Peter creator of BitMonky 🍹

The Internet is a great place to meet people and express your ideas. But I think it can be much more then that... so I have come up with a plan to change how people use the Internet.

The large free social networks get you to do all the work, posting content, sharing links and information. Then they use all your time and effort to make a fortune for themselves! How fair is that?

BitMonky is going to change that with a `We Pay You For Your Efforts` method instead of the current `You Get Nothing` business arrangement the others give.

At BitMonky the majority of the profits will go to you the members. Here the more effort you put into it the more you can get out.

I think I am on to something great here and I hope you will think so as well.

Thanks for joining me and have yourself a great day!


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