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Hi There! cairo11 Just Bought His City on BitMonky For $3.00/Month!

View Profilecairo11 has earned: 31 BitMonky gold coins. He would like you to help him earn more by becoming a member as well.

On BitMonky your posts are worth gold... So join now its free! You will be helping cairo11 and earning for your self as well.

Why Do We Pay Our Members To Post Stuff On BitMonky?

Because we would want good content and we think that the people who create the content should get paid for providing the best posts online. So don't post your work for nothing on those other networks. Join BitMonky and get back what you put in!

And Why Do We Pay Our Members To Invite More Friends?

The answer to that is simple... We would rather give the money to our members to promote the site rather then give it to Google!

BitMonky Gold are digital tokens tradeable for Dogecoin on the GJEX gold exchange or can be used for the purchase of items/services from other BitMonky members.

How Do I Earn?

Join BitMonky and then tell your friends to join. Each friend you bring earns you bonus gold every time they post to the network. The more friends you have the more you all earn.

Todays Bonus Values

Like Bonus : 3 gold coins.

Current Value For Gold Is: $0.000007 CAD/coin


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